(Old Red Lion - Off Cut Festival of new plays : finalist)

Matt Jamie as Clive was brilliant in his portrayal of a beaten down, weary husband...Jamie’s performance sold this piece”


“A stonkingly funny piece of biting marital warfare, where huge and explosive insults are traded by husband, wife and best friend...Marvellous.” 

Remote Goat




"The performers give their absolute all.  Matt Jamie (Romeo) has a youthful and sympathetic delivery that totally suits the testosterone-driven son of Montague. Jamie has a uniquely emotive face; there is always humour in his eyes and his effect on the women in the audience was noticeably electric. Claire Duttson (Juliet) and Matt Jamie were perfectly suited, and their love and downfall equally believable and regrettable."

Rogues and Vagabonds

"The actors are more than equal to the task. Matt Jamie makes a sympathetic Romeo, seamlessly taking him from despair to joy and back again..."

The Stage

"The Daylight Players show what is possible with the maximum imagination and commitment.... The intimacy and immediacy make for a close rapport with the audience."

The Advertiser


(European Tour)

"A heart-pounding Shakespeare... Every player is at the peak of their abilities...

The core of every character has been chiselled out"

Kvallsposten / Kultur (Sweden),

"The performance is a joy.  Six actors take on a lot more roles: the changes are elegant and work excellently.  Shakespeare's star-cross'd lovers are played with a youthful spark and love by Matt Jamie and Claire Duttson"

Skanska Dagbladet (Sweden)


(Mutabilitie Productions)

"A mesmerising interpretation... A fast-moving performance is held together by Matt Jamie's conjouring of a commandingly chilling Dr. Kalmenius"  

What's On Stage

"Matt Jamie’s threatening reserve as Dr Kalmenius stands out...The tension his presence creates is palpable"




(Old Red Lion - Off Cut Festival of new plays : winner: best director)

"The hit of the night...Matt Jamie and Mark Parsons thoroughly eclipsed all the other performers on the evening using comic timing and physicality to bring a wonderful short play to life. They further accentuated their skills by ad-libbing some hilarious extra content when an audience member walked on the stage"  

Fringe Reviews 



(No.1 Tour 2008/9)

"You will revel in the latest stage production of 'Allo 'Allo! You won't be able to help yourselves...faultlessly delivered by the cast...

For a side-splitting night out, you couldn't do better"

The Stage

"James Robert Carson's production is well-paced as each new daft incident succeeds another...Excellent"


"Excellent production...a special mention for my favourite character, Officer Crabtree, the British agent posing as a French policemen who famously mangled all his vowels - here played delightfully by Matt Jamie"

Daily Info Oxford

"Matt Jamie is very funny, mangling English magnificently - "Good Moaning" - as Officer Crabtree"

The Sun

"A fantastically funny night of traditional British comedy were in for a treat ...Matt Jamie's performance as Officer Crabtree was particularly funny"

"This is a wonderful night of rollicking good fun, with a large and hugely talented cast"

"Matt Jamie has plenty of fun with Officer 'Good Moaning' Crabtree...A jovial, faithfully irreverent production..."

The Press, York


Staged Readings of "Phoenix" & "Michaelmas Term"


"Sheer exuberance...There is a unique pleasure in watching actors discover jokes as they perform them, and a sense of camaraderie between cast and audience as all head off-road together...  The cast's enjoyment is evident and crucial"

Times Lierary Supplement


(Arcola Theatre)

"The actors perform with all the energy of a medieval troupe, and hold the space well as an ensemble"

Rogues & Vagabonds

"Ten out of ten for atmosphere...Slow burning subtelty...Imaginative use of the Arcola's cavernous space"

Caroline McGinn, TIME OUT

"Captivating, moving and very effective...From the moment the spectator steps into the playing space all five senses are awakened and remain so until the auditorium is emptied...A performance that entertains and delights..."

Fiona Doyle, Extra! Extra!

"Innovative...mesmerising...The production shows exactly how fringe theatre can use it's strengths to challenge the mainstream."                

Hackney Gazette

"Powerful performances from the ensemble and [an] atmospheric production"

The London Student


(National Tour)

"A must-see play... cleverly devised...skillfully played by five actors playing all the characters."

Katy Wright, BBC



"Vividly a half-dozen other productions I can recall none to rival

it's sheer intellectual clarity"

The Stage

MACBETH - The Panto

(UK Tour)

"The funniest pantomime I have ever seen....

The five members of Oddsocks did the work of fifty!"

"Macbeth is a dark and horrid play...transformed into a comic masterpiece by

five very versatile actors and a particularly flexible set...Very funny".


"A real hit...Great ensemble acting from all five actors,

with huge amounts of energy."

The News, Portsmouth

"The text worked at a whole set of different levels...Every joke was carefully timed, every ad-lib well judged. Especially memorable were the Three Witches (Matt Jamie, Susie Ridell, Harriet Kershaw) - dressed in black and moving like manipulators in a Japanese drama - they were stunningly effective."

The Hexham Courant


(UK Tour)

"Oddsocks adaptation positively fizzed along...full of pace and inventiveness. I was struck by the elegant timing of Matt Jamie.  It was all great fun...  It brought from the audience a whooping, hollering set of prolonged curtain calls that were well deserved."

The Hexham Courant

"Wives can never have been merrier than here...The Royal Shakespeare Company will be hard pressed to make the play funnier"

The News, Portsmouth


(Cambridge Shakespeare Festival)

"Crystal clear and hilariously funny...The whole works brilliantly. When the mystery is unravelled, the reactions all round are convincing."

The Stage

"A most joyous occasion.  Everyone...flung themselves enthusiastically into the fun.

Matt Jamie (Syracuse) and Alex Beattie (Ephesus) brought conviction to the absurdities and sent the audience home chuckling happily at the end of an hilarious evening of comic delights"

Early Modern Literary Studies


(Cambridge Shakespeare Festival)

"Matt Jamie is fiery as Tybalt and touching as an affectionate Paris, clearly separating the parts"

The Stage



"Webster fans [should] throng to this rare London revival by the Instant Classics company.  Among several fine performances...newcomer Matt Jamie crackles with convictionSwift and entertaining performances by an 11 strong ensemble who play the drama of greed, jealousy and revenge with thoroughly satisfying relish"

What's On

"This production generates...plenty of heartless comedy ripe for a modern, cynical audience"

The Stage


(Rosemary Branch Theatre  - Branching Out Festival 5)

“All the objectives of the festival are met in this utterly original and fascinating hour of sketches and playlets written and performed by Leanne Davis...well aided and abetted by Elicia Daly and Matt Jamie...An unpredictable collection of characters and scenes”


Remote Goat



(Bush Theatre / Theatre Delicatessen)

“The Bush has been overrun by provocative companies and the resulting theatrical explosion is certainly worthy of attention.  A whimsical carnival of contemporary theatre that will ensnare you for hours.”

What’s On Stage

“The show is filled with a remarkable vibrancy and colour...

likely to keep you entertained all evening”. 

The Telegraph



(The Other Space / Ensemble 52)

Excellent work by @Ensemble52 this afternoon - lovely heartwarming script by Janet Plater and strong company #warmglow

@MarkBabych - Artistic Director, Hull Truck


(Northern Stage & National Tour / Zendeh)

A multi-layered piece, mingling...a number of theatrical techniques...seamlessly and effectively together.  It demands a lot of the cast and they deliver, drawing the audience into a world which is distant in time (and, to a large extent, in place) and yet, in the political sense, very contemporary”

British Theatre Guide (full review)

“Subtle and effective...beautifully stylised and stunningly directed...incorporating just the right amount of physical expressionism.  A haunting piece of art...A significant and touching story: a beautiful vision, gracefully executed”

Clare Cameron, RemoteGoat (full review)