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Coracle in association with Alphabetti Theatre present


short plays from today and 100 years ago

Four new short plays celebrating the victory for women’s votes

alongside a reading of an original Suffrage Play written by members of the Actresses’ Franchise League


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In 2018 it was 100 years since the first election in which women could vote in the UK. Getting that vote was a difficult and costly journey.  Not all women could vote then, and the journey to equality is by no means over.

We put a call out for short plays inspired by any aspect of the Suffragette movement.  We received 40 applications from around the world and selected 3 plays to be performed alongside a piece by Coracle’s Arabella Arnott, and a reading of an original Suffrage play from 100 years ago.

"How The Vote Was Won"

by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St John (1909)


The Government says that women do not need votes as they are all looked after by men. All the self-supporting women leave their jobs and insist on support from their nearest male relative. Unfortunately for Horace Cole, he seems to have quite a few relatives...




A brother and sister have different views about whether "a bit of banter" on WhatsApp is harmless fun or something much darker. Cast Lucy Curry and Daniel Watson

"An Accident of Birth"

by LIZI PATCH (North Yorks)

Two siblings try to understand human relationships and gender roles through overheard conversations from inside the womb. Cast JUDE NELSON and ADAM JORDAN DONALDSON

"Women and Girls"

by ALLISON DAVIES (North East)

Enough is enough is enough is enough. Imagine a change, an end, a shift. Imagine a mark... a cross in a box. Cast BROGAN GLIBERT and ARABELLA ARNOTT

with "Someone Had To Do Something"

by ARABELLA ARNOTT (Newcastle)

"In the true married relationship, the independence of husband and wife will be equal, their dependence mutual, and their obligations reciprocal" So said Lucretia Mott 100 years ago. How's that playing out in 2018...?  Cast ZOE LAMBERT and JACKIE EDWARDS

The plays ran 17-19 May Alphabetti Theatre

("How the Vote Was Won" is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.)

The Directors:

Matt Jamie is an actor, director, photographer and film maker, based in the North East of England.  Directing work at Alphabetti Theatre includes Life After… and Fresh Start (both also by Arabella Arnott) and The Ties That Bind  (“Intense and highly emotionally charged... deeply moving... powerful” British Theatre Guide); The Rooms: Dreaming is Free (winner, Best New Writing Award 2015 NE Theatre Guide, “Wonderfully atmospheric” NARC Magazine) as well as numerous staged readings and other short pieces.  Other theatre directing work includes Stars and Sh*t, In Stitches, Joe Johnson and the Liberals, Our Kids Names, and Die Herd - all with Live Lab/Live Theatre Newcastle, and Bird of Pray for Coracle in London.

Rachael Walsh is a writer and director based in Newcastle. After graduating with a first-class degree in Drama and Scriptwriting she has worked with a variety of theatres and companies across the North East including Live Theatre, Oddmanout, Workie Ticket Theatre Company and Theatre Space NE. Most recently she directed A Very Mediocre Christmas by Gary Kitching for Alphabetti Theatre's Christmas Cabaret and her own short play Perdition for Workie Ticket Theatre Company. Rachael is a director/facilitator for Mortal Fools and a writer/facilitator for New Writing North. She is a Creative Associate at Seven Stories and an NYT Associate. Her first short film, Stiff' was selected for Boston's Women in Comedy Festival 2017 and the NYC Short Comedy Festival 2018.

“Intelligent and accessible... 
Believable characters and recognisable situations combine to make a worthwhile and entertaining evening at the theatre... 
The venue’s new season continues from strength to strength.” 
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