Helen loved her sister Sophie. So did Simon.  Now Sophie is gone, Simon and Helen are trying to move on with their lives, but neither of them are going anywhere fast.  What are they missing? How can they survive life after…?

A darkly comic drama about dealing with love, death, and missed opportunities

Life After

Directed by Matt Jamie

Cast Arabella Arnott and Carl Kennedy

Mary has lived under the same roof for over fifty years. She has put her blood sweat, tears and laughter into the walls. The council have decided that her home is too big for one... Mary has other ideas.

A short bittersweet comedy looks at one woman’s determination to show that a home is not just made from bricks and mortar.

Bricks and Mortar

Directed by Gary Kitching

Cast Paula Penman and David John Hopper

The double bill played at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

1-4 March 2017

in a sell out run.

Special thanks to Greyscale Theatre Company for providing rehearsal space.

Supported by Arts Council England

“We do laugh quite a lot but there’s always that feeling that perhaps we shouldn’t...But it’s that ambiguity that gives the play its bite....

Very nuanced performances, eliciting our sympathy and yet exasperating us in equal measure, and Matt Jamie’s direction keeps the piece moving at just the right speed.”

British Theatre Guide on “Life After”

“Under Director Matt Jamie, the two actors hold your attention as each detail of the past year is revealed...the sense of closure and the quality of the acting make this a fascinating watch”

North East Theatre Guide

“Hilarious, laugh out loud funny, with a deliciously horror movie-like performance from Paula Penman as Mary, with David John Hopper as the bemused, scared but very conscious of his dignity man from the council.

Director Gary Kitching makes sure that we miss nothing of the comedy”

British Theatre Guide on “Bricks and Mortar”

“Great pace and a sense of humour...this double act gave the audience plenty of chances to laugh”

North East Theatre Guide

“It’s a well-balanced programme, showcasing once again the wealth of good, new writing being produced in North East theatre at the moment. It’s also Coracle’s first producing venture in the region. Let’s hope it isn’t the last.”

British Theatre Guide on Trajectory

“Whilst there’s a big difference in the two plays, they do work well together and make it worth a trip to Newcastle’s best kept secret venue... Quality new writing”

North East Theatre Guide on Trajectory

Paula Penman and David John Hopper in Bricks and Mortar.  Design by Molly Barrett